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A Case 4 Cannabis: A California Educational Series brought to you by the Executive Production team of Audrey Le Baudour, Xavier Nazario, and Fred Sconberg.



Joyce Cenali.png

Joyce Cenali

A conversation with Joyce Cenali, the Chief Operating Officer of Big Rock Partners and Sonoma Hills Farm. We spoke about cannabis from farm to table, seed to sale, commerce, and economic employment opportunities.


Frank Louie profile.png

Frank Louie

A conversation with Frank Louie, COO, California Asian Pacific Chamber of Commerce, on breaking down the barriers between the public and private sectors to grow diversity initiatives, workforce and entrepreneurial pathways in the Cannabis industry.

More Episodes

Here are a few more episodes from our previous seasons!

Alicia Wingard.png

Alicia Wingard

A conversation with Alicia Wingard, co-founder of Flora Terra, a vertically integrated Cannabis business with a unique seed to storefront approach in Sonoma County.

amber senter.png

Amber E. Senter

A conversation with Amber E. Senter, Founder, Breeze Distro and Co-Founder, Supernova Women, about manufacturing and her passion for operations and creative branding.


Rachel Knox

A conversation with Dr. Rachel Knox, a cannabinoid medical specialist, on the importance of cannabis for Health Equity and the future of medical cannabis.

rashad johnson.png

Rashad Johnson

A conversation with Rashad Johnson, Manager of Government Affairs for EAZE, on navigating the policy landscape of Cannabis in California and what it will take to level the playing field.

Zachary Knox.png

Zachary Knox

A conversation with Zachary Knox, Attorney at Law, on the legal aspects of building the Cannabis industry and how the focus on equity initiatives will influence everyday life.

David Umeh

A conversation with Davie Umeh, CEO of HighSpeed, on making it as an entrepreneur in the fast changing landscape of the Cannabis industry.

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