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It is time to invest in workforce pathways and entrepreneurial on-ramps to ensure equitable access and talent pipelines for the Future of Cannabis.

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Joyce Cenali

A conversation with Joyce Cenali, the chief operating officer of Big Rock Partners and Sonoma Hills Farm. We spoke about cannabis from farm to table, commerce, and economic employment opportunities.



Whether you are a student or current worker in the cannabis industry, an entrepreneur or Industry leader building a cannabis business, or an educator interested in getting involved in cannabis education... We want to hear from you!

The CannaBus Tours: Learn About the Cannabis Industry!

The CannaBus tours are designed as a professional development opportunity for California Community College faculty and administrators to gain firsthand knowledge of the inner workings of the cannabis industry. Each guided bus tour included stops at manufacturing, retail, and grow establishments. The goal of each tour is to educate, normalize and inspire community college educators and administrators about the cannabis industry, and to provide connections for the development of curriculum for those who wish to work in the cannabis space. To date our various tours have highlighted 15 amazing cannabis businesses located in Sacramento and throughout the Bay Region. In this 7-minute video we highlight Big Pete's Treats, Bird Valley Organics, and Sparc SF.

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