A Case for Cannabis is an educational podcast series sponsored by California Workforce and Development Department to highlight the workforce and entrepreneurial opportunities in one of the fastest growing industries in California. In 2021 the North American legal Cannabis market is predicted to reach $24.5 billion with California having the largest State percentage of combined medical and recreational Cannabis sales at $7.4 billion. We believe it is time to invest in the workforce pathways and entrepreneurial on-ramps to ensure equitable access and talent pipelines for the Future of Cannabis.
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Episode 3: Claudia Mercado

Interview 3: A conversation with Claudia Mercado, owner of Calibueno, on entrepreneurship, Latina representation, and equity in the Cannabis industry.



Whether you are a student or current worker in the cannabis industry, an entrepreneur or Industry leader building a cannabis business, or an educator interested in getting involved in cannabis education... We want to hear from you!